Preserve treasures

No matter whether it's buildings or cars: Their restoration requires not only craftsmanship but also a great deal of passion. With a great deal of sensitivity, it is important to preserve historical features and adapt them to modern requirements. Just as you carefully care for your classic car, we preserve the spirit of the historic winery with the Weinromantikhotel Richtershof. As soon as you drive up to us with your collector's item, the classic car and the hotel setting form a harmonious whole. With one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe in the immediate vicinity, you start your pleasure drive from the Richtershof - in intimate togetherness or with like-minded people.



The Weinromantikhotel Richtershof is your four-star superior starting point for tours in the surrounding area. After a delicious and indulgent breakfast, you can choose from numerous routes to explore the surrounding area. Our roadbook has five different options with detailed routing and recommended stops for you. The tours are between 138 and 234 kilometres long and take between 2 hours 45 minutes and 4 hours 30 minutes. The excursions we have put together cover the picturesque regions of Moselle, Rhine, Hunsrück, Saar, Eifel, Nürburgring and Luxembourgish Switzerland in different combinations.

*Please note that you will do the tours with your own vehicle and we will not provide you with a vehicle.