Single room

Small and fine for a short stay, that's how our two single rooms present themselves. One is accessible by lift, the other via the historic staircase from the 19th century. The latter has a bathroom with natural light. The view in each case looks out onto the roofs of the adjacent hotel buildings. All rooms have a tablet, flat-screen TV with integrated radio, safe and wireless LAN.



The single room, accessible by lift, is particularly fine and cosy. Pastel colours combined with white in interplay with lots of daylight create a pleasant living feeling. Here, too, the theme of wine is reflected not only in the room's name, but also in the pattern of the carpet - a homage to the pleasurable life!

Kesten Paulinshofberg

That this room is something special and guarantees a flowery stay is immediately apparent. As a contrast to the white-blue colour concept, curtains and, exceptionally, the carpet are adorned with a colourful floral pattern. The single bed stands out with a length of 220 cm, and there is daylight in the bathroom.