CCULINARy delight on the MOSELle

Gedeckter Tisch festlich


Today the former wine press house and the adjacent room house the restaurant Wintergarten Baldachin¬†and the¬†Alte Brennerei. Although no √†-la-carte restaurants in the proper sense, these two rooms offer a wide range of possibilities for delightful culinary moments in M√ľlheim on the Moselle.

LIgHT-Flooded Stage for culinary delights: WinTERGARTEN BALDACHIN

The light-flooded Wintergarten Baldachin with its historic walls and modern architecture  creates a very special setting for delightful moments.Open daily from 07.00-10.30 h, the aroma of freshly-baked goods, coffee and fine delicacies from our Richtershof-champagne-breakfast fills the room. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the special atmosphere at the coffee table or at a flying buffet in the course of a celebration. 


Restaurant gedeckte Tische

And from 18.30 to 22.30 Uhr you can enjoy the delightful multi-course dinners of our manifold packages and fine wines.  The spacious patio in the Elisenpark overviewing the river and the surrounding vineyards is opened in summer and in good weather.

A cosy place with a historic slate arch: ALTE BRENNEREI 

This lovingly decorated room of our former winery¬†is a comfortabel supplement to the Wintergarten Baldachin offering the same delights. ¬†To savour the moment ‚Äď this is what all areas of our hotel stand for.